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The new affordable hand held CellXtract™ forensic warrior has been designed to meet portable and military handling requirements and provides fast forensic data extraction from mobile phones, PDAs, BlackBerry’s, GPS devices and iPhones. Concept designed for tough field environments, including military operations, the CellXtract is easy to deploy and simple to use for first responders and non-technical personnel. Compact and lightweight the battery-powered CellXtract allows users to quickly view and triage mobile phones and devices for evidence data on-scene and in real time. No additional computer is required and little training needed for the operator or novice user.
Portable and light-weight with a rugged chassis specifically designed for the harshest field environments
Easy to deploy and simple to use for first responders and non-technical personnel
Supports over 2,000 devices including iPhone, Blackberry and GPS
Who will use the CellXtract?
Military personnel located on field intelligence or forensic gathering operations, fighting cyber crime in unforgiving locations on the ground, in the air or at sea. Corporate and Government Agencies for homeland security and in-house policing requirements. EForensic investigators, consultants, IT Professionals who need immediate and valid forensic and cyber crime information. Non-technical security personnel can also very easily use this forensic device – very operator friendly and simple to deploy. Existing Mobile Phone eForensic Labs to enhance and complement their existing technical tools and systems. Cyber Crime forensic training and education establishments who require affordable training aids for mobile phone, PDA forensics tuition Police forces and law enforcement :- Non technical investigating Officers who are on-the-scene first responders, UK border enforcement who need Immediate and real time information. HTCUs to complement their existing technical forensic tools. Traffic Officers for on-scene phone examination and investigation. Investigating Officers deployed in the field on mobile specific enquiries or intelligence gathering operations.

Product Features
Comprehensive data extraction inc the acquisition of missed calls, dialed calls, received calls, phonebook, SMS messages, deleted SMSnmessages from SIM, Multimedia (MMS) messages, calendar, memos, to-do lists, photos, video, audio and other files.
Supports over 2,000 mobile devices including Apple iPhone, Android, Blackberry,
SmartPhones, Palm, Palm WebOS, Symbian,Windows Mobile as well as GPS devices. Apple and Android Tablets will be supported in upcoming future release.
Easy to read reports available on demand. Report structure specifically designed for forensic investigators. Provides reports in XML & CSV format & can be imported to data
mining tools or info analysis software.
User-friendly color touch screen and interface make CellXtract easy to navigate.
CellXtract can also be used with a USB keyboard
and mouse.
Memory Card Reader is included to support extraction from other types of flash memory cards
NIC (Network Isolation Card) isolates the suspect phone from the cellular network making it impossible to receive SMS messages or calls
Device selection software allows users to quickly identify by brand, model, photo, and/or dimensions.
Physical Acquisition (Hex Dump) and Analysis option planned for early 2012.
Customized data downloads. Allows users to specify which parts of a cell phone’s memory are extracted
Capture Skype call logs and contacts
Designed specifically for military organizations. The battery-powered CellXtract’s
light weight, ruggedized chassis, & small footprint
(8” X 8.5” X 3”) make it ideal for harsh fieldbenvironments. Meets IP54 spec and a subset of MIL-STD-810F.
An internal rechargeable battery is recharged using an AC power source / DC power (12V and optional 24v) connectivity. These power options ensure the CellXtract is available for use anytime, anywhere, inc in military vehicles such as Humvees.
Built-in SIM Card/SD Card reader will also support a SIM ID advanced Cloning feature that allows you to extract important phone data when the SIM Card is either PIN locked or when the SIM is not available.
Search capture reports by entering an individual keyword using the CellXtract’s
touchscreen keyboard or pre-load a stored list of important search keywords.
Extracted data is unaltered using write protection, MD5 hash for data verification, and
time-stamped audit trail
The CellXtract will display Geo-Tag data for all images that have been captured using a device with a working GPS receiver
Software subscription provides updates to ensure compatibility with new phones as they are introduced
Supports all major network technologies including CDMA, GSM, iDEN, TDMA
Phone cables included for all supported mobile / cell phones in a convenient carrying case
Bluetooth, IRDA capability
The following options are available with the CellXtract:
24V car charger

Software subscription provides new phone compatibility and adapters

cellxtract carry case
In the box:
The CellXtract is shipped with:

Carrying case

Power supply

Cable storage carrying bag

Memory card reader

A USB thumb drive

3 NICs (Network Isolation Cards) to
be used for network isolation and
SIM ID Cloning

12V car charger

CD with CellXtract™ software and a users’ manual
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