Tap systems stock a wide range of computer forensics accessories designed & developed to compliment and enhance our suite of eForensic solutions. Please browse our current range below and do contact us for the sourcing of further accessories:
Talon Raid I/0 adapter
This innovative option allows the Talon to capture either one
suspect drive to two evidence
drives, or two suspect RAID pair drives to one evidence drive.
RAID two drive configurations for Soft RAID, Level 0 or 1, JBOD can be captured as an evidence hard drive. IDE and SATA technology hard drive supported. This adapter is only needed for the Talon, the high speed Dossier has this function as a standard build-in facility.
Write protect
This slick little accessory allows immediate access to the majority of current USB Flash devices. Two versions are available, a write protected version ideal for forensic work and a non-write protected for IT applications.
Validate your capture location for Dossier and the Talon. Now computer forensic investigators can bolster their chain of evidence by specifying when and where their data captures are performed. The GPStamp® from Logicube® provides a verified fix on the location, time and date of the forensic data capture. Provides accurate latitude, longitude fix and time validation, which is added to the Capture Audit trail log. Is capable of acquiring satellites and fixes within most buildings. Attaches directly to the Dossier and the Talon. An intuitive, easy to use tool. No special training is required.
The new NETConnect™ provides the convenience of allowing
multiple investigators to access a single set of case files. The NETConnect™ facilitates broad access either locally or remotely
to the evidence data post capture, no need to make multiple copies of evidence drives for sharing with the analysis team.
Cables & adapters
All our UDMA and notebook adapters come with a power lead and an inline power fuse for additional protection.

- 2.5" Standard notebook drive adapter kit.

- 1.8" Toshiba 50-pin drive adapter (Camera, iPODs, etc.)

- 1.8" Toshiba ZIF hard drive adapter.

- eSATA hard drive adapter.

- 2.5" Hitachi Desk star notebook drive adapter.

- Compact Flash card adapter for IBM Micro drives.

- Various Omniclone/ Solitaire/ Echo/SF5000  full cable kits.

- Various Omniclone-U/Sonix/EchoPlus/MD5  full cable kits.

- Various Omniclone-Xi full cable kits.

- SCSI 50-68 pin Adapter.

- SCSI 80-68 pin SCA Adapter.

- SATA cable sets for SuperSonix / Talon / Xi
PCMIA Adapter
This unique CloneCardPRO is a PCMCIA adapter that allows data transfer rates that may exceed 175 MB/Min, which is approximately 15 times faster than cloning through the parallel port. The CloneCard PRO, eliminates the need to open up the laptop, take the drive out of the caddy, use costly adapters, or suffer through slow cloning via the parallel port. These adapters are available for the Dossier & Talon eForensic hard drive imagers, hard drive duplicators.
Write Blockers
Provide multi mode connectivity via PC mother board or eSATA, USB/ Firewire for hard drive data protection, blocking any inadvertent overwriting. For IDE, SATA, USB, SAS, SCSI, & Fibre Channel hard drive technology available as standalone, workstation or tower enclosures.
SATA Adapter
This special adapter is used to connect SATA drives to the
forensic MD5 and SF5000 duplicator range only. (The Dossier, Talon and the Quest units have inbuilt SATA technology support )The Logicube SATA Adapter is connected to the Serial ATA drive which then provides traditional parallel cable connection (on the other end of our units). Users can mix serial and parallel drives in the same session but some speed variations will occur.
Rechargable battery pack
Provides 1 to 2 hours of battery power for the portable Dossier. Talon, Quest  and the older MD5, SF5000 forensic hard drive copiers. Ideal for intelligence operations, vehicle stops, air drops, maritime ship borne applications, can also act as a simple UPS where the AC mains power source is suspect or intermittent. The standard power pack as supplied with the portable forensic units is used as the battery charger source.  Battery packs can also be attached together in series for increased battery life. This is a well thought out engineering resource for the forensic community.

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