Designed specifically for the technician’s workbench or field kit, the Echo Plus™ is the industry's most portable hard drive cloning solution. An economic solution for your general hard drive duplication needs this little powerhouse features speeds up to 1.8GB/min and clones all operating systems. The Echo Plus™ is situated between a master and target drive, channeling the master drive data onto the target as much as an order of magnitude faster than leading duplication software. Each Echo Plus™ kit includes a canvas carrying case, power supply, IDE cables, SATA cables, power cables and software.
Compact, economical and powerful
Speeds up to between 1.8 and 2.0GB/Min
Ships with a variety of accessories including carry case, power supply and various connection cables
Connects Direct to either:
IDE or SATA (or PCMCIA slot)
The Echo Plus™, is the industry’s most compact and affordable handheld cloning solution. The echo plus is feature packed, easy to use and makes it easy to transfer data to and from IDE and SATA hard drives at speeds up to 2.0GB/min. If you need an economic
solution for your general cloning needs get the Edge on affordability with the Echo Plus available now from Tap systems Ltd.

Product Features:
Hard Drive Duplication:
Single master, single target IDE/SATA hard drive duplication
Data Transfer Modes:
IDE, EIDE, UDMA and SATA, support for eSATA andmicroSATA drives with an optional cable
Data Transfer Rate:
Up to 2.0 GB/min. thru IDE cable
Brand Unimportant:
Master and target can be different sizes, brands and models
BA/Large Cylinder/Head
Translation: Determines partition table head translation on PC
BIOS type
Compaq Diagnostics
Supports Compaq diagnostics partition.
Clones All Operating Systems:
Windows® 95/ 98/ 2000/ NT/ ME/ XP/ Vista, Mac®, Linux, Unix®, Sun®, DOS, OS2, etc.
CloneCard™ Pro (optional:
This is a PCMCIA adapter that provides a fast connection between a notebook PC and the Logicube Echo Plus, Solitaire Turbo with Keypad, the Sonix, the Forensic Quest and the Forensic Talon and Forensic Dossier.
Most compact single-target system on the market.
Warranty and Support:
Free lifetime software upgrades, free phone tech support, & 1-year standard warranty. Extended warranties are available
Software Upgrades:
Free via web download
Verify “On” or “Off”:
Turn verify “On” to test for bad sectors on target drives
Target Drive Structures:
Adjusts all necessary target drive structures so target will boot properly
A simple sector by sector copying (e.g. Mac®, Sun®, Unix, Linux)
Automatically scales partitions to fully fit target drives (if partition is FAT16/32 or NTFS)
NTFS CleverCopy™
The NTFS CleverCopy™ technology copies only data areas and skips blank sectors. It also scales master partitions to precisely fit the target, making all the necessary adjustments on the fly. NTFS CleverCopy™ supports all NT based file systems. (Windows 2000/XP)
In the box:
Every Echo plus kit from Tap systems includes:
Rugged carrying case

Echo plus unit power supply

IDE cable

SATA cables

PATA cables


The Echo Plushas the following connectivity options:

Direct to IDE Interface: For fastest duplication speeds

Integrated SATA and IDE Cloning: Clone to or from SATA drives or IDE drives

Clone Card PRO PCMCIA Support (optional): Allows for rapid data transfer through the PCMCIA slot. Optional 2.5”, 1.8” and ZIF adapters available.

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