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The portable CellDEK® is compatible with many of the most popular cell phones, PDA's, Blackberry’s and commercial GPS navigation aids. Built to perform in the field (not just in the lab), investigators can immediately gain access to vital information, saving days of waiting for a report from a crime lab. This advanced cell phone data extraction device is a self-contained system that features a touch-screen display allowing the user to quickly identify devices by brand, model number, dimensions and/or photographs. Once the device is identified, connectivity options are offered, suggesting the most suitable options. A “smart adapter” feature then illuminates the correct USB adapter. Connectivity by infra-red and Bluetooth are also built-in. The CellDEK then captures all stored data within approximately five minutes. Up to 40 adapters may be stored in the system’s built-in rack.
Compatible with over 2000 handsets, including Blackberry, iPhone™, iPod® touch, PDAs and GPS navigation devices.
Intuitive light-up adapters quickly match to selected device
“Ready-to-go” solution includes ruggedized case with high resolution touch screen; built for easy in-the-field extraction
Acquires files from Windows® PDAs, Blackberry™ devices and Garmin™ and TomTom® satellite navigation devices (contact Tap systems for a list of supported models)
The CellDEK software automatically performs forensic extraction of the following data: Handset Time and Date, Serial Numbers (IMEI, IMSI), Dialed Calls, Received Calls, Phonebook (both handset and SIM), SMS (both handset and SIM), Deleted SMS from SIM, Calendar, Memos, To Do Lists, Pictures, Video, and Audio. The CellDEK displays the data on screen, and prompts for downloading to a portable USB device.

Forensic investigators need cell phone data extraction tools that provide advanced features-CellDEK meets the exacting standards of any cell phone or PDA forensic investigation.
Product Features:
Device selection software allows users to quickly identify by brand,
model, photo, and/or dimensions
Extracted data is unaltered using write protection, MD5 hash, and
time-stamped audit trail
Water-resistant, rugged carrying case with built-in storage for up to
40 adapters
Quarterly software updates, including new adapters and cables is available
Acquires missed calls, dialed calls, received calls, phonebook, SMS
messages, deleted SMS messages from SIM, Multimedia (MMS)
messages (not available from all handsets), calendar, memos,
to-do lists, pictures, video, audio and other files including e-mailattachments from Windows Mobile Devices
Extracts metadata
Rechargeable battery
Extracts data from CDMA, GSM, TDMA, and iDen cell phone and
PDA technologies
Secure Erase feature allows you to completely remove sensitive data
from the CellDEK hard drive
Provides reports in XML and CSV format and includes a report search feature
Customized data downloads. Users can specify which parts of a
phone’s memory are extracted.
Archive captured data from external USB connection to various types of media including hard drives, USB flash memory, other flashmemory cards
Connect via cable, IR or Bluetooth®
Built-in SIM card reader and flash memory card reader
Includes Network Isolation Card (NIC)
The following options are available with the CellDEK®:
Quarterly software & adapter updates
Adapter kits
In the box:
The CellDEK® includes a rugged carrying case and is shipped with:

USB Cable

Power cord

NIC Card

Set of adapters

Users’ Guide & Software CD
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