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The Forensic Dossier™ represents the sixth generation of computer forensic solutions from Logicube and is designed to meet the complex challenges of digital forensic investigations. This high-speed, hand-held solution allows users to quickly capture data from SATA/IDE hard drives, SAS/SCSI hard drives with optional adapters and a variety of flash media devices.  A complete and versatile hard drive and media eForensic imaging portable platform.
The fastest data capture solution on the market today; capture at speeds approaching 6BG/min!
Quickly process multiple suspect drives; capture from 1 or 2 suspect drives to 1 or 2 evidence drives.
Built in support for capture from SATA/IDE hard drives, flash media and RAID
SAS/SCSI hard drives with optional adapters
Capture with the .e01 evidence file format as an optional item.
The Dossier can capture data from one or two suspect drives to either one or two evidence drives simultaneously. This feature allows investigators to quickly acquire potential evidence from multiple suspect hard drives and create multiple copies of the suspect drive to speed the analysis process. Intuitive and easy to use, the Dossier is the cornerstone of a future-focused platform of forensic products from Logicube that ensures investigators will keep pace with advanced digital technology used in criminal activities.
Product Features:
Captures data from one or two source drives (SATA/IDE) to one or two destination drives
Built-in support for capture from a RAID drive pair
Capture data from a variety of flash media devices including
compact flash, memory sticks, SD and multi-media cards with a
built-in media reader
Captures a suspect drive to multiple DD image files
Write-protected unidirectional data transfer to prevent
Uses the highest level of authentication. The Dossier computes MD5 and SHA-256 hash concurrently in real time at full capturing speed
Destination drives fit seamlessly inside Dossier with a unique
“slide-in” design
DoD Standard secure data erasure (data wipe) facilities for both destination write enabled drive locations. Dual wipe two drives simultaneously
All Suspect drives, Evidential drives and flash media locations can be “Previewed” fully write blocked and protected via the USB port for a quick evidential examination feature, just like carrying around five individual Write Blockers.
Forensic USB/FireWire Cloning Software: Logicubes Forensic USB/FireWire Cloning Software is compatible with the Forensic Talon and Forensic Dossier data capture solutions. The software allows you to capture data and manage drives directly via the USB or FireWire (400/200/100) ports of a desktop/laptop PC. The Forensic USB/FireWire Cloning Software also provides the ability to capture from Apple MAC computers using a PC interface. This software allows you to perform a native (Mirror) capture, capture DD images and compute an MD5 Hash on the entire source or destination drive or on each individual DD image. Expected capture speeds are up to 1.4GB/min with verify and up to 1.8GB/min without verify. Speeds will vary depending on the USB and FireWire hardware and the processor speed of the PC. USB 1.x, 2.0 and FireWire 1394 are supported
Fully integrated QWERTY keypad for easy entry of file names, user passwords, keyword lists
Captures from DCO and HPA areas of the hard drive
Keyword search capability. Search for hundreds of words concurrently on a hard drive either during the capture process or on a single drive
Built-in USB and Firewire 1394 connectivity
Support now available for SCSI and SAS drive imaging with optional adapters
64MB internal flash memory stores keyword lists, software
updates, reports and more. The flash memory is accessible via
USB or Firewire connection
Audit trail reporting. Generate and Write to Compact Flash (TM) for
review and printing
Password- based security systems to protect the evidence copy drives from unauthorised access using the ATA security specification T13
Settable “retry” parameter (0 to 1000) for read/write attempts allows enhanced data recovery capability
Hard drive spanning, capture from one large suspect drive to two smaller evidence drives
Write Blocker in-built features for total protection of the two Suspect drive locations and Flash Media locations
Touch screen display for easy navigation
The following options are available with the Forensic Dossier:
1.8”, 2.5” and ZIF drive adapters
CloneCard PRO PCMCIA adapter
18” power and data cable for extended length
OmniPort™ provides immediate, write-protected access to portable
USB drives and USB thumb drives
GPStamp™ option provides pinpoint tabulation of the capture’s time
and place
Capture your evidence in the .e01 evidence file format, a selectable format option
eSATA and 1.8” micro SATA cable/adapters
Extended Life Rechargeable Battery.  This rechargeable battery provides two hours of extended use for the Forensic Dossier. The battery is used to power the Forensic Dossier® whenever connection to a standard AC outlet is either undesirable or not possible. This useful option can also act as an UPS where the AC source is un-reliable
Serial attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial ATA (SATA) hard drive imaging adapters for your source/suspect drives. Fully write blocked to ensure evidential security
In the box:
The Forensic Dossier™ is available as a standalone device or in a complete kit, each with its own versatile carry case.
Forensic Dossier Standalone:
Includes a rigid carry case, power supply, 5” and 9” data and power cables, SATA, Firewire and mini USB cables, a compact flash card, screwdriver, flashlight, a CD with Dossier Software and a users’ manual.
Forensic Dossier Kit:
The Dossier kit includes a ruggedized carry case,  power supply, 5”, 9” and 18” data and power cables, SATA, Firewire and mini USB cables, a
compact flash card, CloneCard PRO PCMCIA adapter, 2.5”, 1.8” and ZIF adapters, printer, printer cable & power supply, screwdriver, flashlight, a CD with Dossier Software and a users’ manual.
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