The intelligent Forensic Quest® is a feature packed hand-held forensic data capture device perfect for in-the-field or in-the-lab hard drive data acquisition and verification. This powerful solution provides unmatched performance at a cost-effective price point. This new and innovative portable eForensic hard drive data capture tool meets the demanding requirements of day to day law enforcement, the military, corporate security, private investigators and auditors.
An affordable and easy to use entry to high-performance forensic data capturing solutions. Ideally suited for High Tech Crime Units, CCTV HDD capture and fast intelligence gathering requirements.
This hand-held forensic data acquisition device features very secure MD5, SHA 256 authentication, DD imaging, native write-protect capture.
Built-in SATA/PATA/USB connectivity provides fast capture speeds, optional adapters provide support for  SAS and SCSI hard drive technology.
The sleek compact design features a user friendly touch screen, choice of SHA-256 or MD5 authentication, DD imaging, native write-protect and built-in USB connectivity.

Fully write protected source drive locations eliminates the need for costly, cumbersome and legacy older technology individual Write Blockers for safely acquiring evidential data from hard drives.

This one-to-one hard drive data capture solution also features the convenience of support for one-to-two hard drive capture with an optional adapter.

Product Features:
Touch screen display for easy navigation and operator handling
Capture from one source/suspect drive to two destination drives with an optional adapter
In built write blockers provide write-protected unidirectional data transfer to prevent overwriting. NO need for costly and cumbersome legacy individual Write Blockers
Built in support for IDE/SATA hard drive eForensic data capture
Optional adapters for SAS and SCSI hard drive eForensic data capture
High Speed USB drive acquisition can be achieved with the optional activation of the USB port on the SAS or SCSI adapters
MD5 and SHA 256 authentication in real time and at full speed
Capture from one source/suspect drive to one destination drive
Wipe feature that will perform a secure data erasure to the DoD Specification
The NEW Forensic Quest 64MB Compact flash memory stores, audit trail, software updates, reports and more. The flash memory is directly accessible or can be access via USB
Captures from DCO and HPA areas of the hard drive
Operator friendly settings and features allow saving of frequently used capture settings
Audit trail reporting. Generate and Write to Compact Flash (TM) for review and printing
Built in USB connectivity
The following options are available with the Forensic Quest:

1:2 Forensic adapter

SAS hard drive adapter

SCSI hard drive adapter

1.8”, 2.5” and ZIF drive adapters

1.8” microSATA drive cable

eSATA drive cable

Compact Flash adapter

CloneCard PRO PCMCIA adapter

18” SATA and IDE power and data cable for extended length

OmniPort™ provides immediate, write-protected access to portable USB drives and USB thumb drives

Optional Battery Pack for increased portability and can also act as a very effective UPS

The Forensic Quest has the following connectivity options:

SATA/PATA connectivity is built in, direct to HDD provides fast capture speeds at speeds approaching 6GB/min

SAS and SCSI drive technology capture through optional adapters

USB  up to 1.5GB/min via the optional port on the SCSI and SAS adapters

PCMCIA support is available through the optional CloneCardPRO®

2.5”, 1.8”, eSATA and Compact Flash drives can be connected via optional adapters

All source drives locations are fully write blocked and protected from overwriting

In the box:
The Forensic Quest includes a rugged carry case, IDE/SATA/USB cables, a power supply, CD utilities and an operator’s manual. The new forensic Quest includes a one year standard parts and labour warranty fully supported by our UK service team.
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