The OmniSAS™ five-target hard drive duplication solution addresses the current market trend towards SAS hard drive technology. The OmniSAS allows users to clone from SAS or SATA hard drives in either the master or target position. Support for cloning IDE drives is available with the optional IDE/PATA adapter. Users migrating from SCSI drives to SAS drives can purchase a factory installed option that allows you to clone from a SCSI master drive to SAS target drives - making it the perfect choice for migration tasks or mixed drive environments. The OmniSAS also supports eSATA and microSATA drives with an optional cable.

This fast, production-grade device clones at speeds over 5GB/min. OmniSAS can save you time and resources for all your duplication tasks including software or O/S updates and new PC rollouts. Faster then software-based network cloning, OmniSAS is easy to use and less expensive for large volume duplicating.

High speed, five-target SAS hard disk drive
duplication solution
Clone to SAS, SATA or IDE* hard drives in target positions
Clone from SAS, SATA, IDE* or SCSI** hard
drives in master position
Fast cloning at speeds of up to 5.2GB/min
OmniSAS is Windows Vista compatible and features advanced software that provides a variety of cloning modes. Optional Diagnostic WipeOut™ allows you to wipe a target drive to DoD specifications. Tap system's focus on leading-edge duplication technology ensures IT departments keep pace with new hard drives as they are released to the market. OmniSAS delivers a reliable, effective, future-focused hard drive duplication solution.

Product Features:
Brand unimportant:
Master & target drives can be different sizes, brands, & models.
Mirror Copy:
Simple sector-by-sector copying for all partition types (includes proprietary O/S, e.g. Mac, Linux, Unix, Sun, support).
O/S Independent:
Clone any operating system. Scales DOS, FAT 16/32 & NTFS.
Easy Software Updates:
The OmniSAS includes both Compact Flash and USB ports for easy software updates.
One-year Standard Warranty:
1 year parts & labor warranty. Both an optional 1 year extended warranty ( total of 2 years) & a 2 year extended warranty (total of 3 years) are available.
The CleverCopyTM technology copies only data areas and skips blank sectors. It also scales master partitions to precisely fit the target, making all the necessary adjustments on- the- fly. CleverCopy supports DOS, Windows 95/ 98/ NT/ ME/ SE/ 2000/XP based systems. CleverCopy automatically scales FAT16/32.
Wipe-Out Software (optional):
Wipe a drive clean to M-5220 DoD specifications. Select a single, three or seven-pass Department of Defense Specification wipe out.
Data Transfer Rate:
OmniSAS™ data transfer speeds may exceed 5GB/min.
Selective Partitions:
With multiple partitions (up to 24) per drive, allows copying of selected partitions only (1st, 8th, and 11th - for instance)
Software Updates & Tech Support:
Free lifetime software updates & phone technical support.
Portable & Self-contained:
The compact OmniSAS™ weighs only 20 lbs and requires no monitor or keyboard.
Create master drives by adding up to 24 partitions from different sources. Either replace an existing partition or append to the end of the Master.
Cloning Options:
Clone from one master SAS or SATA drive to any mix of SAS or SATA target drives (up to 5 drives). Support for cloning from an IDE master drive to IDE target drives is available with the optional IDE/PATA adapter. Users migrating from SCSI drives to SAS drives can purchase a factory-installed option that allows you to clone from a SCSI master drive to SAS target drives. (Does not allow you to clone to SCSI drives in the target position). (K)
Windows Vista™:
Compatible with Windows Vista™ operating system. (K)
The following options are available with the OmniSAS hardware system:
IDE/PATA Cloning Adapter

SCSI Cloning Option (factory-installed

1.8” Micro-SATA drive cable

2.5” IDE Drive Adapter (must be used
with IDE/PATA Cloning Adapter)

1.8” IDE Drive Adapter (must
be used with IDE/PATA
Cloning Adapter)

SCSI 50 to 60 pin adapter

SCSI 80 to 68 pin adapter

eSATA Cable
The OmniSAS has the following connectivity options:

Built-in support for SAS and
SATA drives

Optional Support for SCSI and IDE Drives: Clone IDE/PATA drives with an optional adapter. Factory-installed SCSI option supports cloning from a
SCSI master to SAS/SATA targets.

eSATA and microSATA:
Support for eSATA drives (with optional cable) and 1.8” microSATA drives (with optional cable)

Solid State drives:
SuperSonix supports most solid
state drives

Easy Software Updates
Compact Flash and USB ports for software updates

In the box:
The OmniSAS™ is available with a standard configuration (SAS/SATA Master) or configured with the SCSI option installed. Both configurations include the following:

Six SAS/SATA drive cables (a SCSI
Cable is included with the SCSI option)

Power cord

CD containing the users’ Guide
& software

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