The first mixed-master, high-speed, self-contained SATA/SCSI duplication system capable of duplicating a SATA or SCSI master drive to up to 4 SCSI target drives at speeds that may exceed 2.3GB/min. The device can duplicate an IDE master drive with an optional IDE adapter (F-ADP-IDE). This revolutionary system is housed in a slim-line chassis and is completely self-contained with its own graphic LCD display and control panel. Monitor and keyboard are NOT required.
Duplicate from a SCSI or SATA drive to four
SCSI hard drives
Optional adapter available to clone from an
IDE to SCSI drives
Speeds exceeding 3.4GB/min
Portable, self-contained unit
The OmniSCSI™ 4 is a four target mixed-master hard drive duplication system. This compact solution provides a fast and convenient method of cloning SCSI drives. Invaluable in a production environment, the OmniSCSI 4 gives you the flexibility you need to clone multiple SCSI hard drive targets from either SCSI or SATA master hard drives (an optional adapter allows you to clone from an IDE master) to up to four SCSI target drives. This
self-contained unit does not require amonitor, keyboard or mouse and features speeds exceeding 3.4GB/min.

Product Features:
Brand unimportant:
Master & target drives can be different sizes, brands, & models.
Images any operating system:
The system supports  DOS, FAT16/32 & NTFS file-systems. CRC 16 verification for all partition types during UDMA transfer selection. (includes mirror cloning support for proprietary O/S, Mac, Linux, Unix, Sun, & OS6).
Cloning Options:
Clone from 1 master SCSI drive to 4 SCSI drives. Alternatively, clone from 1 master SATA drive to 4 SCSI drives. An optional adapter is available to provide the ability to clone from an IDE drive to 4 SCSI drives. (note: prior to Jan 30, 2009 the OmniSCSI provided built-in support for cloning from an IDE master to SCSI target drives)
Supports All SCSI Drives:
The unit is forward and backward compliant (includes cables for 68 pin SCA 3 connections) For 50 or 80 pin to 68-pin & SE to differentials, please see SCA 50 or 80 pin adapter sets.
O/S Independent:
Clone any operating system. Scales DOS, FAT 16/32 & NTFS.
Free Software Updates & Technical Support: Free lifetime software updates & phone tech support.
Slim Line Chassis:
Unit features a slim-line chassis.
Portable & Self-contained:
At 20 pounds, the OmniSCSI is the most portable full size SCSI duplicator on the market. (No keyboard or monitor required)
Selective Partitions™:
Multiple partitions (up to 24) per drive; allows copying of selected partitions only (for example, 1st, 8th and 11th)
Diagnostics Partitions:
Support for HP and Compaq Diagnostic partitions
One-year Standard Warranty:
The system comes complete with a one year parts and labor warranty. Both an optional 1 year extended warranty ( total of 2 years) and a 2 year extended warranty (total of 3 years) are available.
The 1st Mixed Master Duplication System: No Monitor or keboard required. A large backlit LCD display and full-function keys are integral to the SCSIsystem. Clone from a master SCSI or SATA hard drive to 4 SCSI targets. Optional IDE adapter is available for cloning from an IDE master to SCSI targets (for units shipped after 30/01/09)
Copies only data areas and skips blank sectors; scales master partitions to fit target; supports all DOS, Windows® 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP
Defragmentation Engine:
User can engage engine to defrag a FAT16 or  FAT 32 partition
Simple sector-by-sector copying for all partition types
Data Transfer Rate:
Speeds may exceed 2.3GB/min.
Create master drives by adding partitions from different sources
The following options are available with the OmniSCSI™ 4:
IDE Cloning Adapter; allows use of
IDE drive in master position

Diagnostic WipeOut™ allows
you to wipe a target drive to DoD

50 pin to 68 pin SCSI adapter

80 pin to 68 pin SCSI adapter

In the box :
The OmniSCSI™ 4 includes:

Power Supply

Power Cord

SCSI cables and a SATA cable

Users’ Guide

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