The OmniClone® 2 Xi represents a new generation of high-speed, production-grade hard drive duplication systems. This two-target system possesses many advanced, new features and is especially engineered for high volume production. The OmniClone® 2 Xi supports UDMA-5 transfer speeds for cloning IDE, EIDE, UDMA, & SATA drives at up to 3.5 GB/min. Intuitive navigation is easy with a sealed, “paper-white” fine-touch screen. All information with current system software release is stored on the Omniclone's 64 MB compact flash card.
Master & target drives can be different sizes, brands, & models
Intuitive navigation via easy to use fine touch screen
Clone at speeds up to 3.5GB/min
Two target system with many advanced features not found anywhere else
Save valuable operator and engineering time with this cutting edge solution to copy, software build, image and cloning hard drives. You can copy hard drive data to multiple target hard disk drives, back up data and provide duplication for any type of IDE and SATA standard or SD Flash hard drives.

This easy to deploy semi portable IT support tool can copy two disk drives at a time with speeds that allow you to copy a typical Windows bases software Operating Systems within minutes.  The Omniclone-2Xi is an efficient, fast and a very cost effective build method to copy drives only or to image hard drives in their entirety faster than many other methods available today.

Many IT support departments of private and government organisations have found this unit very effective as it will reduce costs, improve productivity, be easy to deploy and a reliable method for their software desktop deployment, build and configuration requirements.  

Whether you have 50 or 100 computers to support, make that software migration or upgrade to a new desktop system efficient and painless with the Omniclone-2Xi as your hard drive imaging solution.  It is also portable and very cost effective as there are no “site” or “Seat” additional software licence fees required.

Product Features:
Brand unimportant:
Master & target drives can be different sizes, brands, & models.
Mirror Copy:
100% sector-by-sector copying for all operating systems. Mirror cloning recommended for all proprietary OS along with the following systems- (e.g. Mac, Linux, Sun, OS6).
CleverCopy Technology:
The system will automatically scale DOS, FAT16 & FAT32 file systems. CleverCopy technology for NTFS file systems is available with the (optional) NTFS Clevercopy software option. Clevercopy additionally saves duplication time by skipping blank areas on the master while transferring the OS, applications and data to the target drives simultaneously.
Integrated USB Connectivity:
The OmnicloneXi comes standard with an integrated USB port. This port allows the user to connect the chassis directly to any PC that runs Windows. The user will then have the ability to modify, defragment, reformat and manage the master drive contents. In addition, 3rd party software applications can be implemented.
Hard Drive Duplication:
2 target, IDE, EIDE, UDMA, SATA hard drive to hard drive duplication. The Omniclone2Xi  offers support for Parallel ATA (PATA) and Serial ATA (SATA) drives. Optional adapters for laptops (2.5"/1.8") are available.
Quarterly software updates available
Built-in cooling fan:
Ensures that there will be no data loss due to drive overheating.
Data Transfer Rate:
Speeds may reach 3.5 GB/min utilizing UDMA 5 transfer selection on Serial ATA (SATA) drives. Speeds may vary on Parallel ATA (PATA) drives dependent on UDMA support level.
Paper White Fine Touch Screen:
Intuitive navigation is easy with a sealed, “paper-white” fine-touch screen. The new touch screen allows for easy data and text entry and expands the units' capabilities to allow users to edit volume labels, enter supervisor passwords, customize unit behavior, and store pre-defined settings. Navigation is user friendly.
Compact Flash Card
A 64MB compact flash card provides the user a quick method of updating the OmniClone software. The compact Flash card snaps into the chassis of the OmniClone and can be accessed via the integrated USB connection. The user can then upload the current software release directly to the unit.
One-year Standard Warranty:
The Omniclone system comes complete with a one year parts and labor warranty. Both an optional 1 year extended warranty ( total of 2 years) and a 2 year extended warranty (total of 3 years) are available.
Windows Vista™:
Compatible with Windows Vista™ operating system.
The following options are available with the Omniclone series:
Omniclone® Xi replacable drive station (UDMA & SATA)

Omniclone Verification Station replaces any or all drive stations

Serial Remote Control

Omniclone Xi replacable power supply

Omniclone Xi database software and barcode reader

Omniclone Xi advanced diagnostics software

Omniclone Xi Selective Partitions®

Omniclone Xi NTFS CleverCopy (NTFS file systems)

Omniclone Xi MasterManager®

Omniclone Xi Clone Pack (All 4 software options)

Omniclone Xi extended warranty
(Two years total)

Omnicolone Xi extended warranty
(Three years total)
The Omniclone 2Xi has the following connectivity options:

Built in connectivity: SATA, IDE, EIDE or UDMA hard drive to hard drive duplication (Omniclone 2Xi, 5Xi & 10Xi)

Direct to IDE interface: For fastest duplication speeds

USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatible: Included USB port connects to the master drive position to quickly partition and build new master drives.

In the box:
Includes: CleverCopy® (FAT16/32), MirrorCopy®, USB master drive management, serial ATA cloning, 64MB CompactFlash™ card, power supply, 3 to 11 SATA cables, 3 to 11 UDMA / IDE cables and power cables, USB mini B cable and printed manual.
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