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The Portable Forensic Lab™ (PFL) is a compact, portable computer forensic field lab housed in a special ruggedized carrying case. This powerful, incident response tool gives the investigator a head start, often cutting the time to acquire critical data in half. This means “intel” in hours rather than weeks. Other competing forensic tools do not capture, analyze and document evidence faster, right there in the field.

The PFL (in its fully bundled package) includes all a computer forensic examiner needs to:
Data capture evidence at high speed from multiple sources
Browse data from multiple types of digital media
Analyze the data capture material using computer forensic analysis software such as FTK™ from AccessData
The Logicube Talon® (optional) may be docked seamlessly with the PFL and functions independently as well. Rather than embedding a dedicated duplication and analysis device in the briefcase, Logicube uses a commercially available rugged PC notebook for control, capture and analysis. This makes the PFL one of the most powerful and economical portable computer forensic labs in the industry.
Integrated - Comprehensive - Mobile:
1: Laptop padded pocket

2: Additional storage pockets

3: Write protected source drive

Media card reader and USB ports

5: SATA, IDE, SCSI connection

6: Laptop connection

7: Laptop power
Product Features:
The Perfect Field Lab:
Portable and lightweight for fast incident response. Enables users to perform all capturing and analysis in the field.
Data Capturing Speed:
Data capturing speeds may reach 4 GB/min. This speed is maintained while creating images.
The Forensic Talon system creates "DD" Images. User selects various sizes; 650 MB, 2GB, and 4GB. These images are both archival and analysis ready.
Field-ready Case:
A specially designed and tested airtight, waterproof case for field operations. The case includes special protection for the Talon, protection for the examination laptop, a power source, storage pockets for drives and cables, and a power distribution panel.
On-Site Reporting
The Talon systems include a compact flash card to maintain a detailed chain of evidence. The report catalogs the source (suspect's drive) and destination drive, the make, model and size of of both drives being used in the operation, and a statement documenting the mode of copy, how many sectors copied and source & destination checksums. These criteria ensure the legal integrity of the captured drive image for successful law enforcement, corporate security, and cyber crime prosecution.
The Portable Forensic Lab features built-in connectivity to IDE/UDMA drives, SCSI drives, SATA drives, PCMCIA access to laptop drives, USB access to all drives, 1.8" and 2.5" drives with optional adapters, all Compact Flash media, and most memory cards of varying sizes.

USB 1.1/2.0 Support:
The PFL includes a USB port for connectivity to USB drives.

Compact Flash Compatible:
Built-in readability of 15 types of flash card media
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