INFINIBAND IBTracer™ 4X Analyzers
The LeCroy IBTracer™ 4X is an InfiniBand Protocol
Analyzer that advances validation and compliance
testing for next generation InfiniBand silicon,
switches, and software. Supporting 4 wide 2.5Gb/s
dual-simplex connections, IBTracer 4X captures
and displays InfiniBand traffic using the de facto standard CATC Trace™ graphical interface.
The intuitive use of collapsible, colour-coded
packets to represent MADs, payloads and packets, provides IBTracer 4X with a level of ease of use
and understanding that is unsurpassed anywhere
else in the industry. The corporate data center's growing need to provide high-bandwidth server-to-server communication for clustered database applications has driven the industry, in concert, to
the InfiniBand 4X standard.
PCI Express Protocol Analyzers range
We provide a range of  high performance PCI Express analyzers for clients developing servers, workstations, desktop, graphics, storage, network card markets, semiconductors, bridges, switches & systems. By leveraging years of experience in protocol analysis tools for emerging markets, LeCroy's PCI Express protocol analyzer tools blends sophisticated functionality with intuitive controls to speed the
development and testing of PCI Express IP cores and systems. Included in this range and specifically designed for developers is the LeCroy PETracer EML. This latest PCI Express Advanced Verification System supports16-lane width with full bi-directional decode and capture of x16 PCI Express links. This analyzer is built on LeCroy's most advanced CATC Protocol Analyzer system architecture, the CATC 100K platform.

CATC Trace display -
Faster interpretation and debug of InfiniBand silicon, components, and networks
Intelligent triggering -
Isolate important traffic, specific errors or data patterns
Hardware filtering -
Faster analysis by removing non essential fields from the trace
Statistics and Traffic Summary -
Quickly identify and track error rates, abnormal bus or timing conditions
Collapsible / expandable headers -
Increased drill-down detail for MADs, errors, payloads or individual packets
Records and Displays lane-to-lane Skew - Faster more accurate analysis of
multi-lane links
Lane-Reversal Compatible -
Trigger, record, & display IB traffic logically regardless of physical config of the lanes
IB Specification 1.1 Option -
View new mad types with purchase of Spec 1.1 software upgrade.
Script Verification Engine -
Create "custom" scripts that can automate analysis and debug tasks
Display skip ordered-sets -
Improved troubleshooting shows actual skip ordered sets and flags violations
USB 2.0 high-speed interface -
Access recorded data up to 40x faster than USB 1.1
2GB recording capacity -
Capture long time windows for analysis and problem solving
ToolTips -
Context sensitive descriptors improve understanding of the InfiniBand specification
CATC 100K-based System -
Advanced platform for protocol analysis for
high-speed protocols like PCI Express.
Hi-Speed USB Interface to Host -
Allows faster upload speeds of recorded traffic to host PC up to 40x faster than USB 1.1.
8 GB Buffer -
PETracer EML is equipped with 8 GB of trace memory enabling longer recording sessions.
Lane-to-Lane De-skew -
Records and automatically de-skews multi-lane links for accurate analysis.
Link Tracker™ Trace Display -
Chronologically display all DWORDS on all channels synchronized to a common clock
Protocol Hierarchical Viewing -
View Packet, Transaction, and Split Transaction levels of the PCI Express protocol.
Advanced Triggering -
Allows triggering on various PCI Express Events such as Link Conditions, TLP Headers, etc.
Lane-Reversal Compatible -
Trigger, record, display traffic logically regardless of physical configuration of the lanes
Statistical and Error Reporting -
Summary of the trace file to identify and track error rates, abnormal link or timing conditions
Field-upgradeable firmware and engine -
Allows you to receive the latest PETracer EML enhancemens, future additional capabilities & functionality with flexible CATC 100K platform
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