TAP Systems is the leading supplier in the UK and Ireland for hard drive duplication and hard drive imaging systems. Our extensive hard disk drive duplicator range covers simple to use, small hand held portable units that can copy or image one hard drive at a time and sophisticated industrial design units for the simultaneous copy, image or clone two, five or ten hard drives at a  time at speeds that can exceed 3.3Gbytes/min.

We cover every technology hard disk drive in the market, SCSI, IDE, Serial ATA, Serial Attached SCSI, Flash Cards, solid state hard drives, notebook drives, 1.8" and ZIF hard  drives. This comprehensive well engineered range of hard drive duplicators, hard drive  imagers, hard drive cloning systems are built and designed to the highest standards in
the industry.

Companies that use our hard drive duplication systems in the UK and Ireland have many varied applications that include:-

Banking terminals and "Hole in the wall" hard drive updating and upgrading.
Body Scanners, Xray systems system hard drive duplication and imaging
Corporate infrastructure, Utility companies support for PCs/Laptops etc
Feature film distribution on hard drives
Insurance fraud discovery
Games and gambling hard drive based systems roll out, updating
Intelligence gathering for any criminal activity
Hard drive data recovery
Hard drive upgrading for PCs, workstations, laptops
HI-FI Audio industry
Hospitals, schools, universities hard drive technical support and upgrade
Local council technical support for hard drives
Machine Tool system configuration
Medical instrumentation, blood analysis machines
Military systems
Motor industry tooling and production line machine hard drive updating
Nuclear industry
Network infrastructure support
PC roll out and hard drive software configuration
Police, HM government hard drive technical support and upgrading
Rugged laptop hard drive duplication configuration
Shop/cash tills, EPos and terminals, build support for hard drives
TV Set Top box hard drive duplication
USB Pen drive data replication
These systems can also be configured to securely erase data on hard drives. One machine for two tasks!!!This is just a few of the many varied applications for our very fast
hard drive duplication systems. If you need a simple one to one copier or an industrial solution copying multi drives simultaneously that is also very fast and not expensive
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