With computer crime rising at an alarming rate, the demand for computer eForensic technology is expanding. TAP Systems has responded to meet this market need by providing a number of leading technology portable and laboratory based hardware tools for the evidential secure data capture from computer hard drives, mobile phones, PDAs and GPS navigation aids.

Once strictly the domain of law enforcement and government agencies, computer eForensic tools are now required also within the corporate environment. Corporate IT and information security professionals are racing to protect themselves from employees spilling trade secrets, from a “back door” that a security manager might have left for himself, or discovering incriminating spreadsheets, letters and Emails to prove embezzlement. Internet abuse can also be prevalent.

While many software solutions exist to copy digital information, most of these prove inadequate in many situations where the data may have been tampered with.  Verifying the authenticity of electronic data evidence by an expert examiner or forensic consultant is crucial for a conviction.

Hardware solutions, like TAP Systems fast and easy to use eForensic tools by an expert examiner or forensic consultant, are used to quickly copy hard drives including deleted, hidden partitions or encrypted files, and are becoming mainstay tools for IT security.
Not only are these tools unquestionably accurate and evidentially sound they are faster than typical software solutions. This is especially important in cases where the copy of the suspect drive must be made in a clandestine fashion or when the computer forensic specialist has a brief period of time to capture the data.

Mobile phone data can also be critical and it is essential to have a speedy effective solution to securely capture data and  examine call logs, missed calls, received calls, text and e-mail's (Blackberry). These solutions from TAP Systems use the latest state of the art
technology and have been developed in conjunction with Logicube Inc. and the UK's Forensic Science Services.

Computer eForensic is now being used extensively in the following arenas:

Accounting fraud investigations
Detecting and prosecuting money laundering
Employee misuse of the Internet
Fighting Espionage
Insurance fraud discovery
Identification and prosecution of Identity theft
Intelligence gathering for any criminal activity
Fighting images of child abuse and exploitation
Medical fraud discovery
Mobile phone data capture and image investigations
Tracking down missing children
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