Erase up to 10 hard drives simultaneously to the DOD specification. Fast and Easy to use. These systems are built to last. Improve productivity with our effective and efficient design.
Our hard drive data erasure systems permit you to immediately erase up to ten hard drives simultaneously at a time. Designed to improve productively & reduce operator errors in one easy to use system. These operator friendly systems will erase data to the Department of Defence standard 5220.22-M providing a successful 100% erasure of the entire hard drive.

Over writes can be performed up to as many times as you like, most organisations use 3X some 7X some even 11X, you select. These systems are design for industrial and continuous operation, providing users with an efficient tool for removing all traces of data from hard drives slated for disposal, recycling or reuse.
Four models to choose from 2, 3, 5 or 10 capabilities
Erase data to the DOD standard 5220.22-M
Simultaneously erase all drives attached
Fully standalone space saving design
Erase cycles up to 20, operator selectable
Pattern changes on every erase cycle
Removable drive stations for onsite / field replacement
Force air exit and entrances to insure good airflow
Industrial design for 24 hour operation
Large LCD Touch screen for simple operator control
Compact Flash and USB connectivity
Designed to last insuring a good return on investment
Data speeds up to 4 Gigs per minute
Flat load and unload layout for hard drives
PATA / IDE / UDMA Hard drives
SATA Serial ATA drives 1.5Gig or 3Gig
2.5", MicroSATA, eSATA notebook drives with optional adapters
Mix and match the technology and types of drives
2.5" notebook drives with optional adapters
1.8" notebook drives with optional adapters
CF Cards with optional adapters
Bar coding for audit trails - Optional extra
Visual light stack and alarm buzzer
Cloning facility to allow formatting or software configuration
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