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The Write Blockers and hard drive tower enclosures from Logicube & Wiebetech Forensics come in many versions; for IDE, SATA, USB and SAS, drive protection. The Write Blockers and forensic tower enclosures provide hard drive data protection from alteration (inadvertent or malicious), either through a direct cable connection, or through USB, Firewire and eSATA connection. This technology can be used for many applications including forensic evidential analysis, triage analysis of forensic data, forensic data collection, law court material presentation of data and many IT support roles for hard drive updating, imaging and data recovery.
Sets the standard for performance, reliability and flexibility for hardware write-blocked data acquisition.
Protect your IT data and protect your forensic evidence.
Even hidden data cannot hide from our write blocker as these devices support detection for Host protected (HPA) or device configuration overlay (DCO) lurking on suspects hard drives.
Versatile multi mode operation with host connectivity to USB, Firewire, eSATA ports or direct to PC motherboard. Dedicated Write protected Drive enclosures and also drive bays that allow you to construct PC specific forensic workstations:

These data recovery Write Blockers and forensic hard drive tower enclosures are programmed to allow only a small subset of the ATA specification commands to flow to the protected drive (reading commands) and will block all other Write commands. The Write Blockers and forensic hard drive tower enclosures also guarantees read-only access when analyzing the captured or cloned drive under most Operating Systems. This ensures full drive protection against inadvertent writes by the user or operating system.
Writeblocker Product
USB Forensic Write blocker. Small & affordable.
The smallest USB forensic write blocking device on the market. Very affordable.
USB forensic write blocker
Forensic Labdock build a forensic workstation
Easily Turn your computer into a digital forensic workstation with the labdock.
Forensic labdock
Portable fully forensic HD tower enclosure
For when you need to analyse data evidence in the lab or the field.
Portable forensic tower
SAS Write blocked PCIE card
Add hard drive write - blocked ports to a Windows or Linux computer workstation.
write blocked PCIE cards
5 Port Forensic Ultradock V5 write blocker
Premium forensic write blocker. With USB3 very versatile & affordable.
Ultradock writeblocker
On demand forensic HD tower enclosure
A versatile hard drive forensic tower enclosure. On demand write protection.
forensic HD tower
Desktop write protects - Multimodes
Connects directly to your workstation motherboard via IDE or SATA port.
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